What We Do

We farm over 2000 acres of pasture land and crop fields, right here in Northern Virginia. We humanely raise our animals, following strict standards of care in every aspect of our operation--from health, to handling, to holding facilities. Following these guidelines allows us to be certified as a Virginia Quality-Assured Beef Producer by the Virginia Department of Agriculture.

Our animals are outside everyday, in fresh grass and fresh air. They are never fed animal byproducts, growth hormones or drugs of any kind. We allow them to grow at their own natural pace in their own natural environment. Although it takes more time and expense to raise quality grass-fed meats this way, it's a better product for you, it's better for the animals, and it's better for the world we all share.

There's nothing more satisfying than knowing that our customers trust our products. We want you to feel secure in enjoying all natural grass-fed meats that come from our home to yours. By patronizing us, you're helping to continue the Smith family tradition of meeting and making new friends.

- the Smith Family

We Produce...

Grass-Fed Beef

Our cattle are strictly grass-fed. In the winter months they are fed a quality mix of chopped hay (orchard grass, timothy and fescue). We do not force-feed our cattle; we allow them to grow in their natural environment at their own natural pace. Our grass-fed Angus beef is dry-aged to perfection. Each package of beef bears the USDA symbol of inspection and approval. Custom butchering available.

Pastured Poultry

Our poultry are on fresh grass everyday. They get as much natural grain as they want to eat along with fresh air, sunshine, and plenty of exercise. Turkeys and broilers are available seasonally. Pastured eggs are available year-round. Please call to confirm availability.

Pastured Pork

Smith Family Farm is pleased to reintroduce to our patrons the fresh pork that their grandparents knew and loved. Our pork is pasture-raised and humanely-treated. The Pigs are allowed to roam freely and do the things pigs like to do! This stress-free environment produces the most succulent pork around, now available direct from our farm to your table, freezer or barbecue.

Quality Hay

We also sell horse quality hay and cattle hay, large square bales. Cool season grasses: orchard, timothy, and fescue mix. Warm season grasses: switch, blue stem, turkeys' foot, and Indian grass mix (very high in protein and horses really love it). Delivery available. Please call to confirm pricing and availibility.

Hog Branch Cannery & Home Goods

Something new is cookin' here at Smith Family Farm. We've begun to offer home canned fruits and veggies, home made pies, breads, casseroles and lots more. If you'd like to see something that we currently don't offer, feel free to give us a holler. The Hog Branch Cannery project has been shelved indefinitely, due to various reasons. We are working to bring it back, but please note that Hog Branch products are temporarily unavailable.

Other Services

  • Manure Removal
  • Bush Hogging
  • General Hauling

Misc. Info

Pricing and availability subject to change, call to confirm. Bulk orders for whole, half, and quarter beefs are welcome. Custom butchering/special orders by request. New products added regularly, so don't hesitate to ask! Come see us at the farmers market!