Where to Buy

Our desire at Smith Family Farm is to make our all-natural, grass-fed meats easily available to our neighbors here in Northern Virginia and beyond. Below are some of the ways you can access our products. We accept cash, checks, and Visa/MasterCard/Discover.


For those living near the Gainesville, VA area, we encourage you to visit the farm to purchase your meat and see for yourself how the animals are raised. We have no trade secrets, we have nothing to hide. The farm is open to visitors every Saturday from 9AM to 4PM (please call beforehand). You are more than welcome to come any other day of the week--we just ask that you call beforehand to make sure someone is there to assist you. Click here for a map. We hope to have an on-farm store up and running by the end of 2009.

Farmers Markets

Perhaps the most convenient way of accessing us is through your local farmers market. Please stop by one of several farmers' markets in the metropolitan Washington, DC area in which we participate. Click here for a list of where we'll be this year. Bring a cooler. See you there!

Home Delivery

Have you heard about our new "home delivery" marketing venue? At this juncture, this is how it works: basically, if you can muster up 5 families in one neighborhood ($50 minimum per family), we'll traipse out to your neck of the woods and make a delivery. Or, if you can't come up with 5 families, we'll deliver to individual homes for a minimum order of $150. To collaborate a "home delivery" with us, give us a call at 571-220-0017.